Top 10 Funniest Pineapple Pizza Memes in 2024

Pineapple - Hawaiian Pizza Memes
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Pineapple on pizza – it’s a topic that many can’t agree on! Some think it’s a delicious combo while others don’t get it at all. No matter which side you’re on, people have made lots of jokes about it online.

Memes are funny pictures or videos that spread fast. Folks have used memes to tease about pineapple on pizza in funny and creative ways. These memes have made lots of people laugh all over the internet.

In this article, let’s check out ten of the best memes about putting pineapple on a pie. I bet some will make you giggle!

Illustration of Pineapple Pizza Memes

The Great Debate

“This is what happens to your body 10 minutes after eating pineapple pizza.”

This first meme is really silly! It acts like eating pineapple on pizza will do crazy things to your body. As if one bite would make your head explode or something. Of course, that’s not true – it’s just pizza!

The meme is just joking around and being exaggerated for laughs. Really all that would happen is you’d taste it. Then you’d know if you like that combo or not. No need to worry about your head popping off!

The Secret Love

“Shhh no one needs to know. Rel: I like Pineapple on pizza.”

This meme captures the essence of those who secretly love pineapple on their pizza but are afraid to admit it due to the widespread debate. It’s a light-hearted take on the “guilty pleasure” of enjoying this controversial topping.

The Confusion

“Pizza Pineapple Pizza Pineapple What the hell is this?”

Playing on the confusion between the words and the actual items, this meme humorously highlights the absurdity of the debate. It’s a fun reminder that sometimes, it’s just pizza!

The Bold Statement


This meme is a straightforward declaration from the pro-pineapple camp. It’s a bold statement that leaves no room for ambiguity, making it both funny and assertive.

The Watchful Eyes

“My friends watching me eat Pineapple on pizza.”

We’ve all been there. Eating something that others find questionable and feeling their judgmental eyes on us.

This meme captures that feeling perfectly, reminding us of the playful scrutiny we face from friends when indulging in pineapple-topped pizza.

The Historical Take

“An Italian American immigrant is held down and forced to watch in horror as Pineapple is added to a pizza for the first time in Brooklyn NY.”

This meme humorously imagines the reaction of an Italian immigrant witnessing the birth of the Hawaiian pizza in Brooklyn. It’s a comedic take on the cultural clash and the origins of this debated topping.

The Simple No

“Are you sexually active? Well, I like Pineapple pizza. Wow, a simple no would have worked.”

This meme uses the pineapple on pizza debate as a humorous deflection from an unrelated question. It’s a witty reminder of how polarizing the topic can be, to the point where liking pineapple on pizza is equated with being out of the norm.

The Temperature Question

“What Temperature Do You Cook A Hawaiian Pizza At?”

This meme from humorously plays on the name “Hawaiian pizza” by suggesting a tropical cooking temperature. It’s a light-hearted jab at the exotic nature of the pineapple topping.

The Barbaric Accusation

“People Who Put Pineapple On Pizza.”

This meme portrays those who enjoy pineapple on pizza as barbaric, exaggerating the disdain some have for the topping. This meme blows that reaction up big for laughs. It takes how strongly some feel about it and cranks it up high.

The Gastronomic Mutant

“What Kind Of Gastronomic Mutant Puts Pineapple On A Pizza?”

Topping our list is this meme that humorously questions the sanity of those who enjoy pineapple on their pizza. Labeling them as “gastronomic mutants,” it’s a playful exaggeration of the lengths to which some will go to express their disapproval of the topping.

Final Words

In the end, no matter what side you’re on in the pineapple pizza debate, you have to admit these memes are pretty funny! Whether you love it or hate it on your pie, people online will keep joking about it.

Next time you eat pizza, with or without pineapple, or even if you go to Domino’s, remember to laugh and enjoy the fun side of this pizza debate.