Why Buddy’s Pizza Should Be Across The Whole U.S

Why Buddy’s Pizza Should Be Across The Whole U.S
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For over 75 years now, Buddy’s Pizza has been serving up square pies in Detroit with a style all their own. Back in 1946, the founder first swung open the doors and people quickly dug into his thick, crispy-edged pizzas that were a bit different than what else was around.

Business boomed right off the bat. Before long, “Detroit-style” was the word as Buddy’s kept feeding the community. People just couldn’t get enough slices from the squares. Down through the decades, the restaurant branched out to satisfy more hungry mouths their pizza done the Buddy’s way.

To this day, they’re still shaping dough and churning out the classics with a recipe that’s swept the Midwest.

Where To Find It?

Where To Find It

Buddy’s Pizza’s got 23 spots now, mostly in Michigan. Lately, they’ve brought their kind of pizza closer to more Midwest.

These are the places where you can find them at the moment.

  1. Detroit – The original and flagship locations in Detroit include multiple outlets, with the very first one opened in 1946.
  2. Ann Arbor – Serving the University of Michigan area, providing a college-friendly vibe.
  3. Novi – Located in the suburban shopping area.
  4. Warren – Situated in an industrial hub.
  5. Farmington Hills – Offers a comfortable dining experience in a residential neighborhood.
  6. Dearborn – Close to automotive businesses and cultural museums.
  7. Livonia – A newer location designed for suburban families and business professionals.
  8. Grand Rapids – The first location outside the Detroit metro area.
  9. Lansing – Located near the state capital.
  10. Kalamazoo – A recent addition aimed at reaching the southwestern part of Michigan.

What to Eat There?

Buddy’s Pizza stands out for its unique square pizzas which are baked in blue steel pans originally used in automotive factories. This method gives the pizza its characteristic crispy, chewy crust, which is a hallmark of the Detroit style.

Here is the full menu.

Type Description Price
Original Detroit-Style Pizza Square pizza with a thick crust, topped with cheese and tomato sauce. $15-$25
Antipasto Salad Italian salad with mixed greens, olives, pepperoni, cheese, and Italian dressing. $9-$13
Homemade Soups Variety of daily homemade soups. $5-$7
Pasta Various pasta dishes including lasagna and spaghetti. $10-$15
Buddy Brews & Specialty Drinks A selection of local beers, wines, and signature cocktails. $5-$12

Will They Become Available Across the Whole US?

Will Buddy's Pizza Become Available Across the Whole US

Sources say Buddy’s Pizza has their eyes on growing beyond just the Midwest. They’ve signaled a step into the Chicago market, marking a push to grab a broader regional consumer base.

The moves indicate Buddy’s is inching towards a bigger national presence piece by piece. But it’s still not 100% clear if they aim to blanket the whole U.S. map.

For now, Buddy’s seems content spreading strategically to areas near its long-standing hubs first. That should let them manage the scaling of operations without diluting what got folks hooked on their distinct Detroit-style pizza in the first place.

How far their expansion reaches remains to be seen as they take on new territories like Chicago.

I Am Sure Many Would Love to Have them in Miami, New York, LA…

I Am Sure Many Would Love to Have them in Miami, New York, LA...

In my hometown, Buddy’s Pizza was a great local joint that many people enjoyed over the years. The pizza tasted good and it was a convenient neighborhood spot to eat. I think it’d be cool if more communities across the country also had Buddy’s as an option since expanding could let more people experience what we like about them.

You know, people deserve more than just those big chains like Hunt Brothers, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut.