Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes – Inches, Prices, Calories, Slices Comparison

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Pizza Hut is one of the biggest pizza places around the world! For over 60 years, they’ve been serving up pizza under that famous red roof. Just about everyone knows Pizza Hut and has ordered one of their pies before.

But, getting pizza is more than just picking what you want on top. You also gotta know about the different sizes and how much dough you’re really getting. It’s super important when you’re feeding a bunch of friends or just chilling at home alone. The last thing you want is not enough slices to go around!

Let me break it down simply so you can order the perfect pie for your crew. Are you ready?

Fun Fact: Did you know that Pizza Hut opened its first store in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas? It’s come a long way since then!

Available sizes

When you think of Pizza Hut, you probably imagine a range of sizes to fit every appetite. And you’d be right!

From the smaller Personal pizza for those solo movie nights to the gigantic Large for parties, there’s something for everyone.

The most common sizes you’ll find are Personal, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Remember, the size you opt for can make or break your pizza experience. After all, nobody wants to be left craving just one more slice!

Pro Tip: Always consider the number of people eating and their appetites when choosing a pizza size. It’s better to have leftovers than hungry guests!


A Personal Pan Pizza is 6 inches across – it’s small but don’t let that fool ya, it’s packed with flavor! It comes in four slices so each one is fresh and hot.

The price for an Original Pan Crust Personal Pan is around $5.69, but it may vary a tiny bit depending on where you are and if you add any extras.

This lil’ pizza feeds one grown-up or two small kids easily. So if you ain’t that hungry or just want a light meal, go with this one.

It only comes with the Original Pan Crust which has a nice golden-brown outside and is fluffy on the inside. A lot of people really like this one.

Pro Tip: If you’re watching your calorie intake, it’s good to note that the crust alone has 100 calories per slice. But hey, sometimes you just have to treat yourself!


Small Pizza

A wonderful choice for those who want a bit more than a personal pizza but aren’t quite ready to commit to a medium. It’s the perfect size for a cozy dinner for two or a treat for the kids.

  • Dimensions: At 10 inches, it’s the middle ground you’re looking for.
  • Slices: Cut into eight even slices, it offers variety for shared toppings.
  • Price: The Gluten Free crust version starts at $9.99 for Cheese and Pepperoni, and tops at $12.99 for specialties like Meat Lover’s®, Pepperoni Lover’s®, Supreme, and Veggie Lover’s®.

Interesting Fact: Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, both for medical reasons and personal preferences. It’s great to see major chains like Pizza Hut accommodating this dietary need.


Medium Pizza

When you’re in the mood for something more substantial than a small but not quite ready for the large, the Medium from Pizza Hut is your best bet. It’s an excellent choice for a small group or if you’re particularly hungry.

  • Size: It measures 12 inches in diameter; it is a generous size that gives value to portions and price.
  • Slices: Neatly cut into eight slices, making it easy to share or enjoy over multiple meals.
  • Price: Starting at $13.49, it can then vary depending on the toppings and ongoing promotions.

Pro Tip: If you’re ordering for a group with varied tastes, consider getting multiple Medium Pizzas with different crusts and toppings. It’s a great way to cater to everyone’s preferences.


Large Pizza

For those times when you have a bigger group or just want to ensure there are leftovers for the next day, the Large Pizza from Pizza Hut is the way to go. It’s the largest size they offer, ensuring there’s plenty for everyone.

  • Dimensions: 14 inches.
  • Slices: 10 slices, which makes it just right for a group of friends.
  • Price: From $15.49, get your Hand Tossed, Thin‘N Crispy Crust®, or Original Pan® Crust. Go ahead and splurge on the Original Stuffed Crust® pizza for $18.49 and add some delight to your day.

Interesting Fact: The Original Stuffed Crust® was introduced in the 1990s and quickly became a fan favorite. It’s a unique offering that sets Pizza Hut apart from many other pizza chains.

Extra Large – Big New Yorker

When you’re looking for something even grander than the Large Pizza, Pizza Hut presents “The Big New Yorker.” This pizza is reminiscent of the classic New York-style pizzas known for their large, foldable slices.

The Big New Yorker is cut into 6 XL slices, making each slice substantially larger than those of the standard Large Pizza. These slices are designed to be folded, capturing the essence of the iconic New York pizza experience.

Fun Fact: New York-style pizzas are characterized by their thin crust which is crisp along its edge yet soft and pliable enough to be folded in half to eat.


Choosing the right pizza size isn’t just about how hungry you are. It’s also about understanding the value you’re getting for your money.

Whether you’re dining solo, having a date night, or throwing a party, Pizza Hut offers a range of sizes to cater to every need. Remember, it’s not just about the quantity but also the quality of the experience.

So, the next time you’re at Pizza Hut, consider your preferences, appetite, and budget to ensure a delightful and satisfying meal. After all, pizza is not just food; it’s an experience!