Pizza Hut Vs Domino’s: Who Makes A Better Pizza According to These 6 Categories?

Is Dominos Pizza Better Than Pizza Hut
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When it comes to pizza fast-food chains, Pizza Hut and Domino’s stand as titans. Globally, Domino’s operates over 17,000 outlets, and Pizza Hut has a presence in more than 100 countries with over 18,000 restaurants.

Both brands offer a diverse range of pizzas, with similar menus and pricing. However, when pitted against each other, how do they fare in key categories?

Pizza Hut Vs Domino’s

It Was a Tight Victory for Domino’s

We have focused on 6 different categories when we were comparing these brands. The result is 3:2 for Domino’s, while they are even in one category.

Category Domino’s Pizza Hut Winner
Pizza Quality Known for thin crust and high-quality ingredients Offers a variety of crust options and unique toppings Domino’s
Price Point More affordable options with frequent promotions Perceived as slightly pricier but offers own deals Domino’s
Special Offers “Two for Tuesday” deal and various combo offers Has deals but not as prominent as Domino’s Domino’s
Size Options Standard pizza sizes with extra-large option Extra-large and 18-inch options for larger portions Pizza Hut
Toppings Variety Generous toppings but less variety than Pizza Hut Wide range of toppings and unique collaborations Pizza Hut
Extras and Upgrades Offers a variety of dipping sauces and side items Innovative crust options like Stuffed Crust Even

Here is a further explanation of how we got this result.

Pizza Quality – Domino’s

Is Dominos Pizza the Best

The brand has done a fantastic job of aligning with the diverse tastes of its customers. They’ve got it all – from the light and crispy thin-crust pizzas that feature a delicious mix of cheeses such as mozzarella, provolone, and Asiago, along with other combinations.

Their menu is constantly updated to maintain freshness, with options like the Spinach and Feta pizza for non-meat eaters. Such variety, coupled with the ability to customize the size and toppings of the pizza, makes Domino’s a strong contender in the fast-food pizza market.

Domino’s is known for its generous toppings and offers a range of crusts, including crunchy thin crust, Brooklyn style or hand-tossed, along with a selection of sauces like Alfredo, Marinara Pasta, BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan.

Such a range of options is what makes them special in the first place. Take their Buffalo Chicken pizza, for instance – it’s a crowd favorite that perfectly captures their knack for blending bold flavors, heat, and a generous amount of cheese.

They don’t skimp on quality either, especially when it comes to the toppings and sauces. The high-grade beef, ham, and the perfectly balanced spicy-sweet pepperoni elevate the pizzas to a whole new level of deliciousness.

And let’s not forget the sauces – the Garlic Parmesan and the classic Robust Tomato sauce are often singled out for their ability to boost the pizza’s taste profile, with the creamy Garlic Parmesan being particularly noteworthy.

That said, there’s always room for improvement. Domino’s is known for its quick delivery, but this can sometimes backfire. In the rush to get pizzas out the door, there have been instances of less-than-perfect pies, with missing toppings, scant sauce, or a crust that’s turned out a bit soggy.

Size Options – Pizza Hut

Size Options at Pizza Hut - Large or Small

Both Pizza Hut and Domino’s offer similar large pizza sizes, generally measuring 14 inches in diameter. However, Pizza Hut takes a leap ahead with its extra-large option. While Domino’s extra-large pizza is 16 inches in diameter, Pizza Hut goes beyond by offering an 18-inch pizza.

When it comes to feeding a crowd, Pizza Hut has got you covered with their big pie options!

Their largest size is an 18-inch pizza, cut into 12 slices. Each slice is a good hearty portion. Perfect for parties and groups.

Pizza Hut also has a 14-inch large that’s pretty versatile. It can be cut into 8, 10, or even 12 slices depending how many folks you’re feeding.

That way each person gets a slice that fills ’em up without being too much. It’s really handy if folks have different appetites.

Plus the 14-incher may vary just a tad based on the type of crust. Thin, hand-tossed, or pan crusts will affect the shape and thickness a bit. Gives more choices too!

Toppings Variety – Pizza Hut

Different Toppings Variety - Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s toppings list includes classic options like pepperoni and mushrooms, as well as unique choices like pineapple and jalapenos. For meat lovers, combinations like Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, and Bacon offer a traditional experience, while vegetarian options like Spinach, Black Olives, and Pineapple provide a balance of flavors.

Their Supreme pizza, loaded with a mix of meat and veggies, and the Meat Lovers pizza, are particularly popular among customers who enjoy a variety of toppings.

We also have to mention collaborations with other franchises like KFC and Taco Bell, which resulted in inventive pizzas that blend different culinary styles. These collaborations bring unique and exciting flavors to the table, further expanding the variety of options available to customers.

Domino’s Pizza boasts a diverse toppings list featuring classics such as pepperoni and mushrooms, alongside innovative choices like feta cheese and Philly steak.

Price Point – Domino’s

How Affordable is Pizza Hut

Domino’s offers a “$5.99 mix and match deal” and frequently runs promotions, making it a popular choice for those seeking value for money. Their pricing for cheese pizzas ranges from $5.99 for a small hand-tossed or crunchy thin crust to $11.99 for a Brooklyn Style extra-large pizza.

Specialty pizzas like the Spinach & Feta, Wisconsin 6 Cheese, and Honolulu Hawaiian are priced between $13.99 for a small to $17.99 for an extra-large Brooklyn-style pizza. When comparing Domino’s and Pizza Hut, the prices can vary based on location, size, type of crust, toppings, and ongoing promotions or discounts.

Both chains offer value deals and combo offers to reduce overall costs. However, Domino’s generally presents a more affordable range, especially with its mix-and-match deals and lower starting prices for various pizza sizes and types.

Extras and Upgrades – Hard to Decide

What is the best Dominos Pizza Spice

When it comes to additional options, side dishes, and spices, both brands are quite good. That makes it very difficult for us to choose a winner in this category. Therefore, the result is even.

Domino’s Extras

The brand stands out with a variety of delicious dipping sauces and side items. These extras add layer of flavor and customization to the pizza experience. Dipping sauces range from classic marinara to garlic sauce, ranch, and spicy buffalo, allowing customers to tailor their pizza experience to their taste preferences.

Domino’s also offers a selection of side dishes like breadsticks, cheesy bread, and chicken wings, providing a complete meal option for customers.

Pizza Hut Upgrades

One of the coolest things about Pizza Hut pies is their famous stuffed crust! That cheesy-filled edge is their signature thing.

I mean, who doesn’t love pizza? But with that gooey cheese baked right into the dough, it takes it to a whole new level! Biting into that stuffed part is like a delicious surprise every time.

Special Offers – Domino’s

What is the most popular Dominos Pizza

One of their best deals is “Two for Tuesday“.

On Tuesdays, you can get two whole pizzas for the price of one. So each pie ends up costing half price! No wonder families and groups love that deal – it’s the perfect way to satisfy a whole bunch of tummies without breaking the bank.

They also run combos a lot where you get pizzas bundled with sides and drinks. Together it makes a full meal without costing as much. It’s really handy for big eaters!

Plus Domino’s switches things up with new seasonal and limited offers. Gives folks a reason to try new toppings and flavors they may not usually have. Keeps everyone excited to see what’s next.

Last Words

While it’s fun learning about deals, sizes, and all that from Pizza Hut and Domino’s, what matters most is what you like best.

There’s other stuff worth knowing too, like prices, how they deliver, and any coupons out there. That info can point you to where to start looking.

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