Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed Pizza – Choose the Perfect Slice

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I hope you’re ready for some fun learning about pizza. As someone who loves pizza a lot, I’m excited to share my thoughts. Whether you eat pizza all the time or just sometimes, I think we can all agree it’s pretty great.

Today I want us to talk about two popular kinds of pizza crust – Domino’s Brooklyn Style and Hand Tossed. Lots of people feel strongly about which one is better. But before we argue, let’s make sure we understand what really makes them different. That way we can decide for ourselves which kind we like more after we know the facts.

Let’s Start with Domino’s

For anyone who doesn’t know Domino’s very well, it’s good to point out that they have a few different choices for the pizza crust.

In addition to Brooklyn Style and Hand Tossed, which we’re talking about today, you can also get Crunchy Thin Crust, Gluten Free Crust, or Handmade Pan crust.

Each type of crust is a little different from the others. But for now, let’s concentrate on learning the main differences between Brooklyn Style and Hand Tossed.

What Is Brooklyn Style?

The Brooklyn Style Pizza

The Brooklyn Style pizza is supposed to remind you of New York-style pizza. In New York, especially in Brooklyn, the pizza slices are thin and flexible so you can fold them up to eat them while walking around the city. That’s where Domino’s got the name for this crust.

The Brooklyn crust is thinner and stretchier than the Hand Tossed. It has a light coating of cornmeal on the bottom, which gives it a little bit of a gritty texture that’s different from the other crusts. The slices are also cut bigger than usual so you can really fold them easy to eat like they do in New York.

When it comes to toppings, the Brooklyn Style gets a lot more than the Hand Tossed pizza of the same size. Domino’s piles them on there just like how they do pizza in Brooklyn.

What Is Hand Tossed Pizza?

Hand Tossed Crust at Domino's

The Hand Tossed crust is probably what most people picture when you say “pizza”. It’s a nice middle ground – not too thick and not too thin.

With the Hand Tossed crust representing a satisfying middle ground, pizza lovers often debate the merits of thin-crust versus thick-crust varieties, each offering unique textures and experiences. That’s because of the high-protein flour they use and how they bake it. And since it’s tossed by hand, each pizza looks a little different which gives it a rustic vibe.

Unlike the Brooklyn crust, the toppings are spread out more evenly on the Hand Tossed. It also has a thicker lip around the edge which some folks really like to munch on. That thick edge is sometimes called the “pizza bone” since it’s the best part!

Now, Let’s Compare Them

The Brooklyn Style vs Hand Tossed Pizza


The Brooklyn Style crust has an interesting texture because it’s thin but also has that light coating of cornmeal. It’s mostly soft so you can easily fold the slices, but also gets a little crisp. The big slices are fun to eat on the go, but all those heavy toppings might make the thin crust sink if you load it up too much.

The Hand Tossed crust, though, gives you a sturdier base that can really hold the toppings without getting soggy or floppy. It’s not super thick but has a soft inside and a bit of a crispy outside, so you get the best of both worlds. If you like lots of toppings or want some crunch, the Hand Tossed will work better since it holds its shape better under a heavy load.

So in the end, Brooklyn Style is lightweight and foldable but might struggle with heavy toppings, while Hand Tossed is a bit heartier and stands up to lots of toppings while still having some texture.


Domino’s puts more toppings on the Brooklyn Style pizza compared to the Hand Tossed. They also use less sauce, which is nice since the crust is so thin. But because of that thin crust, there are only so many toppings it can take before the pizza gets hard to eat.

The Hand Tossed crust is thicker and heartier, so it can easily carry a ton of toppings without getting messy. Plus the sauce and cheese are spread out evenly all over the whole pie. This means no matter where you take a bite from, you’ll get the perfect mix of flavors in every mouthful!

So the Brooklyn Style is nice because you see all the toppings but don’t overload it or things will get tricky. In considering which toppings to choose, it’s important to balance them with the type of crust you prefer—opting for heartier toppings with the Hand Tossed and a more restrained selection with the Brooklyn Style for the best overall experience.


Domino’s only makes the Brooklyn Style in big sizes meant for like 2 or more people. So it’s great for sharing pizza with friends or family. But if it’s just you eating, it might be more than you want to take on alone.

The Hand Tossed comes in small, medium, large, AND extra large sizes. So no matter if you’re feeding a crowd or dining solo, there’s an option for any situation. You’ve got way more flexibility depending on how much pizza you feel like.

Also, to really know the difference between these two crusts, it helps to understand exactly how big a 10-inch pizza is. The dimensions can affect whether the crusts seem thick or thin. So measuring up that 10-inch pie will help you pick your perfect match!

Is There a Winner?

The Differences Between Domino’s Brooklyn Style vs. Hand Tossed Pizza

After breaking down the differences between these two crusts, I’m sure you’ve got an idea of which one sounds better to you.

But I’ll be honest – as someone who loves cooking pizza, even I don’t have a clear answer which is “better”!

It just comes down to what each person likes. Some people might go for the Brooklyn Style because it’s thin and loaded with toppings.

Others may lean toward the Hand Tossed because it has more of a classic pizza taste.

And that’s totally fine!

There’s no right or wrong here.