Papa John’s – Different Pizza Types

At Papa John's, they're all about offering something for everyone. Whether you're picky about toppings, have dietary restrictions, or just want the perfect size pizza, they got you covered.
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Nothing beats a delicious pizza, right? That’s why we’re going to show you all the wonderful options you have at Papa John’s, an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1984. From the base to the cheese and everything else.

But have you ever wondered about the details behind their sizes, prices, and how many calories are in each slice?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at all of that.

Most Popular Papa Johns Pizza

What’s the Big Deal About Pizza Crusts?

Papa John’s ranked fourth in terms of U.S. sales when compared to its competitors Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars. With 8 crust options, each pizza base is a chance for a new experience.

Let’s break them down:

8. Original Crust

Imagine biting into a slice where the crust is both crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. That’s the Original Crust for you.

It’s the classic choice that has won the hearts of many, made from 100% fresh dough.

7. Thin Crust

Thin Crust - Papa John's Pizza Types

Thin-crust pizza may refer to any pizza baked with especially thin or flattened dough, and, in particular, these types of pizza in the United States: Bar pizza, also known as tavern-style pizza. New Haven-style pizzaNew York-style pizza.

For those who prefer their pizza with a bit more crunch and less dough, the Thin Crust is perfect. It’s lighter, crispier, and lets the toppings shine, making every bite packed with flavor.

6. Stuffed Crust

Now, this is where things get cheesy – literally. The Stuffed Crust pizza takes the love for cheese to the next level with hand-rolled dough filled with mozzarella cheese.

It’s a dream come true for cheese lovers.

6.1. Is There a Vegan Stuffed Crust Option?

Absolutely! Papa John’s ensures that everyone gets to enjoy their pizza, including vegans. The vegan stuffed crust is just as cheesy and satisfying but plant-based.

5. Butternut Squash Base

Looking for something out of the ordinary? The Butternut Squash Base is a creative and lighter alternative to traditional dough bases.

It’s made without wheat and filled with the goodness of butternut squash. This veggie upgrade is a lighter option we think you’ll go butter-nuts for! It’s only available on selected medium pizzas for those looking for an alternative to our traditional dough bases.

Did you know that Papa John’s CEO Robert Lynch is the company’s highest-paid employee? He netted $5.6 million in 2022. This is less than he made the year prior, which was $7.2 million. This amount is made up of a base salary, stock awards, non-equity incentive plan compensation and other benefits.

Robert “Rob” M. Lynch is an American businessman and the current CEO of Papa John's Pizza. He was announced as the new CEO to replace CEO Steve Ritchie in August 2019.

4. Gluten-Free Crust

Gluten-Free Crust - Papa John's Pizza Types

Those with gluten intolerance aren’t left out. The Gluten-Free Crust ensures everyone can enjoy a delicious pizza without worry.

3. Epic Stuffed Crust and Epic Pepperoni-Stuffed Crust

For an epic twist on the classic stuffed crust, these options add even more excitement. Whether it’s just cheese or cheese and pepperoni, these crusts are all about indulgence.

2. Crispy Parm Crust

Imagine a crust that’s a bit crispy, a bit cheesy, and wonderfully aromatic with Italian herbs. That’s the Crispy Parm Crust for you, a delightful option for those who love a bit of extra flavor.

1. NY Style Crust

Last but not least, the NY Style Crust offers a nod to the classic New York-style pizza. It’s thin, crispy, and perfect for those who love to fold their pizza slice.

Catering to Every Preference

Catering to Every Preference - Papa John's Pizza Types

Papa John’s commitment to variety doesn’t stop at crusts. They’re all about catering to different tastes and dietary requirements.

Whether you’re picky about toppings, have dietary restrictions, or just want the perfect-sized pizza, they’ve got you covered. Plus, with the option to customize your pizza, the possibilities are endless.

What Makes Papa John’s Pizza Special?

It’s not just the variety that makes Papa John’s stand out; it’s the quality. They don’t use cheap and more processed ingredients. Every pizza is crafted with care, using fresh ingredients and a dedication to flavor that’s hard to beat.

From the classic Original Crust to the innovative Butternut Squash Base, each option is designed to enhance your pizza experience.

Why Choose Butternut Squash Base?

For those seeking a unique and healthier option, the Butternut Squash Base is a game-changer.

It’s a testament to Papa John’s innovation in creating pizzas that cater to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences.

How Do You Pick the Perfect Pizza for Your Mood?

How Do You Pick the Perfect Pizza for Your Mood at Papa Johns

Choosing the right pizza can be as much about your mood as it is about your taste preferences. Here’s a little guide to help you match your pizza with how you’re feeling:

  • Feeling Classic? Go for the Original Crust. It’s the perfect comfort food that never disappoints, offering that timeless taste of crispy yet fluffy dough.
  • In a Cheesy Mood? The Stuffed Crust or Epic Stuffed Crust will satisfy your cravings with their gooey mozzarella centers. It’s like getting a cheese hug with every bite.
  • Craving Something Light? The Thin Crust or Butternut Squash Base are your best bets. They’re lighter on the dough but still big on flavor, making them perfect for a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Looking for a Gluten-Free Option? You don’t have to miss out on pizza night. The Gluten-Free Crust ensures you can still enjoy a delicious slice without the gluten.
  • Feeling Adventurous? Try the NY Style Crust or Crispy Parm Crust. These options offer a twist on the traditional, bringing new textures and flavors to your pizza experience.

Can You Customize Your Pizza at Papa John’s?

Absolutely! One of the best things about Papa John’s is the ability to make your pizza just the way you like it.  From choosing your crust to adding your favorite toppings, the power is in your hands.

Whether you’re all about veggies or can’t get enough of their premium meats, customization ensures your pizza is uniquely yours.


Can I order a half-and-half pizza with two different crusts at Papa John's?
No, half-and-half pizzas must have the same crust type for both halves.
Are there any seasonal crusts or toppings available at Papa John's?
Yes, Papa John’s occasionally offers seasonal crusts and toppings. Check their website or contact your local store for current options.
Do Papa John's pizzas come with a default sauce, or can I choose a different one?
Pizzas come with a default tomato sauce, but you can customize your order with different sauce options available.
Is there a dairy-free cheese option available for lactose-intolerant customers?
Yes, Papa John’s offers dairy-free cheese in some regions. It’s best to confirm with your local store.
Can I request an extra-thin crust on my pizza at Papa John's?
The Thin Crust is the thinnest option available, and further customization for thickness is not offered.
Does Papa John's offer any keto-friendly pizza options?
While Papa John’s doesn’t have specific keto-friendly pizzas, customers can customize their order to fit keto dietary preferences, such as opting for a crustless pizza.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats a slice of pizza from Papa John’s. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a way to connect with your friends and family over some tasty food.

Papa John’s has something for everyone, from different crusts to various toppings and sauces.  You can always find a pizza that suits your preferences and needs at Papa John’s.

Don’t settle for boring pizza nights.  Spice things up with Papa John’s and explore their amazing menu. You can stick to the classics or try something new and exciting. Papa John’s has it all.