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Papa Murphy's Pizza
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Papa Murphy’s does things a bit differently in the pizza world.

You walk in, pick your favorite from their menu, and then take it home with you.

The cool part? You get to be the chef! Pop that pizza in your oven, and voilà—freshly baked deliciousness.

Plus, they’ve got options for all kinds of tastes and dietary preferences.

So whether you’re a meat lover or a veggie enthusiast, there’s a pizza waiting just for you.

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Specials and New Flavors


They have a ton of options for all kinds of tastes and dietary needs. Whether you’re a meat lover or a veggie enthusiast, there’s a pizza for you. They even have special pizzas with unique and seasonal ingredients that change throughout the year.

At Papa Murphy’s, they’re always shaking things up with exciting specials and fresh flavors. If you’re tired of the same old options, you’re in for a treat.

Their menu features seasonal ingredients, unique toppings, and creative combinations that go beyond the usual fare. Take their bacon blend, for instance. That is the real proof of their commitment to variety and top-notch ingredients.

Seasonal Offerings

Picture this. As the weather changes, so does their lineup. When summer rolls in, they whip up pizzas bursting with fresh veggies, tomatoes, and crisp bell peppers.

And when winter arrives, it’s all about hearty toppings like savory mushrooms and warm, gooey cheese. These seasonal offerings are like little flavor time capsules, capturing the essence of each time of year.

Limited-Time Toppings

Papa Murphy’s knows how to keep things interesting. Every once in a while, they introduce special ingredients that are only available for a short time. It’s like a surprise treat for pizza lovers!

Imagine taking a bite of a pizza topped with unique cheeses that you can’t find anywhere else. Or, try out some high-quality meats that make your pizza taste like a fancy meal. These toppings are like hidden treasures, so make sure to keep an eye out for them on the menu. Your taste buds will be glad you did!

Innovative Combinations

They aren’t afraid to get creative with their pizza toppings. Sure, they have the classic options like pepperoni and mushrooms. But, they also like to mix things up and try out new combinations.

For example, you might find a pizza with pineapple and jalapeños, or barbecue chicken and red onions. It’s like going on a flavor adventure, and you never know what you might find. So, if you’re feeling brave, give one of their innovative pizzas a try. You might just find your new favorite!

Specialty Pizzas

Specialty Pizzas

Imagine a pizza where every topping is carefully chosen to create the perfect flavor combo. That’s what you get with Papa Murphy’s Specialty pizzas. They’re the heart and soul of the menu, combining classic flavors with unique twists that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Classic Combos

Let’s talk about the pizza legends – the ones that have been around forever and never go out of style. These classic combos are like old friends that you can always rely on. Take Papa Murphy’s “Papa’s Favorite“, for example.

It’s got all the usual toppings – meats, veggies, and cheese – but they’re perfectly balanced, so every bite is delicious. And the crust? It’s baked to golden perfection.

Gourmet Options

If you’re feeling fancy, Papa Murphy’s has some gourmet options that will knock your socks off. Imagine artichoke hearts and spinach mingling with premium meats and feta cheese.

These pizzas are like the Mona Lisa of the culinary world – sophisticated, mysterious, and utterly delicious.

Veggie Lovers

Veggie lovers, rejoice! Papa Murphy’s has plenty of Specialty pizzas that celebrate all things green. We’re talking loaded veggie pizzas with bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, and more.

Plus, exotic veggies make guest appearances and special sauces add that extra something special. Whether you’re a seasoned vegetarian or just dabbling, there’s a Papa Murphy’s pizza for you.

Stuffed Pizzas

If you’re someone who loves extra flavor and texture, then you’ll love Papa Murphy’s Stuffed pizzas. These options take indulgence to the next level by adding an extra layer of crust filled with even more toppings and gooey cheese.

It’s a hearty and satisfying option that will leave you feeling full and happy.

Hearty Fillings

What sets this one apart is its generous fillings.

You can expect succulent portions of meats, a medley of cheeses, and vibrant vegetables. All are carefully layered within the pizza.

With each slice, you get a symphony of taste and texture. And let’s not forget the double crust that wraps around these delicious fillings, making every bite substantial and oh-so-satisfying.

Family Favorite

 family gathering

They are perfect for family gatherings. Their size and abundance of toppings make them a crowd-pleaser.

These take center stage, promising smiles and full bellies all around.

Papa Murphy’s dedication to offering a diverse menu is evident in their Stuffed Pizzas.


At Papa Murphy’s, they get it. People have diverse dietary needs.

That’s why they’ve crafted Dairy-Free Cheese, ensuring that everyone can savor a delicious experience, no compromises necessary.

Inclusivity at Its Best

By offering dairy-free cheese, Papa Murphy’s opens the doors wide.

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply cutting back on dairy, this option is your ticket to pizza bliss. And let’s be real, who wants to miss out on joy?

Top-Notch Ingredients

Now, about that dairy-free cheese, it’s no afterthought. Papa Murphy’s carefully selects a cheese that melts and stretches just like the classic mozzarella.

Customer-Centric Commitment

Papa Murphy’s isn’t playing around. Their Dairy-Free Cheese proves it. They’re all about making sure dietary preferences don’t cramp anyone’s pizza style.

Crustless Keto-Friendly

If you’re all about that keto life or simply watching your carb intake, Papa Murphy’s has your back with their Crustless Keto-Friendly Pizzas. These pizzas are like a secret handshake for low-carb enthusiasts, delivering all the pizza joy without the guilt.

Low-Carb Delight

The toppings, cheese, and sauce come together in a tray. It’s like a pizza lasagna, minus the noodles. And guess what? You get to savor every bite without those pesky crust carbs. It’s a win for your taste buds and your keto goals.

Customizable Options

When you order a Crustless Keto-Friendly Pizza, it’s like a blank canvas. Pick your toppings. Whether you’re team meat or team veggies, create your own masterpiece. Every order can be a different flavor adventure.

Mini Murph®

Papa Murphy’s knows that kids deserve their own magic. That’s why they’ve cooked up the Mini Murph®. A unique experience that turns little chefs into artists.

Engaging Experience for Kids

For kids, they have the Mini Murph® make-and-bake kit that comes with a 7-inch crust, sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings.

And if you want to create your own pizza, you can choose your own crust, sauce, cheese, and up to 5 toppings.

Family Fun Activity

These pizzas aren’t just about satisfying hunger. They’re about creating memories. Parents and kids huddled around the kitchen counter, flour on their hands, laughter in the air. It’s teamwork, communication, and a dash of floury chaos.


What is the smallest Papa Murphy's pizza?
The Mini Murph® Pizza Kit. This kit is designed for kids to make their own pizza at home and typically includes a 7-inch pizza crust.

What is on Papa Murphy's Papa's Favorite Pizza?
Pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, mixed onions, green peppers, and black olives on their original crust, topped with traditional red sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Can you freeze a Papa Murphy's pizza?
Yes, you can freeze a Papa Murphy’s pizza. It’s recommended to freeze the pizza before baking and to consume it within a month. Thaw it in the refrigerator before baking for the best results.

Does Papa Murphy's have pan pizza?
Yes. Their pan pizza comes with a thicker crust and is designed to bake in a pan provided by the store, creating a crispy bottom and soft, fluffy edges.

What is Super Papa's Pizza?
The term “Super Papa’s Pizza” does not directly correspond to a specific offering from Papa Murphy’s current menu. It might be a confusion with another pizza chain’s product or a special promotion that varies by location. Papa Murphy’s menu includes a variety of pizzas like Papa’s Favorite, but for the most accurate and current offerings, it’s best to check directly with Papa Murphy’s or their official website.

Final Thoughts

Papa Murphy’s takes pizza to a whole new level. They’re all about customization. Your pizza, your way.

Fresh ingredients, flavors just for you, and a crust that’s perfection.

Their secret ingredient? Customer satisfaction.

So next time you’re in the mood for pizza, give Papa Murphy’s a try!